Business Client Policy - Bailey Business Funds


Equipment Leasing and Private Equity sourcing is different from traditional financing in a few respects.

First and foremost, we are private, independent financiers.

If for some reason we are finding it more difficult than first anticipated to secure your financing, please have patience with us.

Being a private financier does not mean that we do not have our own investors to answer to; we have highly trained credit managers who know risk tolerances and knows what it takes to secure and provide a proper rate of return to those who give us money, to lend to you.

Try to imagine investing your money with us; would you want us to invest in a project that we did not feel 100% comfortable with? Or one that we did not know very much about, or were not familiar AND content with ALL of the in's and out's, of?

Or even a company whose management demonstrated rude, impertinent or even questionably ethical behaviour? You wouldn't want your hard-earned money in the hands of these types of people - so why would we? There are many, many good, polite and well behaved people to invest in and we know many; so why buy a lemon?

As the saying goes "it is much easier to get into business, than it is to get out" - we believe in deciding and choosing the clients we invest in, wisely.

We know that you will understand and support us when we say that a client's behaviour during our financing approval process will be apart of what dictates financial approvals for all of our clients - no exceptions.

A client's poor behaviour is considered a 'material change' and upon a first indication of this, financing can be cancelled, lenders involved will be notified in detail of the situation and cancellation clauses including financial penalties can be enacted. Clients with potentially questionable management are asked to conduct their corporate communications accordingly.

We will go the longest mile for you but we need your cooperation, understanding and good manners while we work for you, until you are successfully financed.

It is not always our fault that financing is not making it's way easily to your door. However, it is our mandate to roll up our sleeves to work with you as long as you continue to be tolerant of your own situation.

For equipment leasing - with the 85% of our clients funded, we only need 2-3 things

  1. A fully completed, signed and dated credit application and Authorization & Financing Agreement
  2. Financial statements or proof of income for the past 2 years - (for financing over $25k)
  3. A Vendor (sales) quotation for the equipment your are seeking to acquire.

But if we need more information because your business concept and financing requirement is outside of 85% of the parameters that we see everyday - have no fear - we will do everything in our power to see you financed - just be prepared to walk the longer walk for your financing wish, if your credit file warrants it.

Thank you for reading - we look forward to financing you.


The Team at The Bailey Business Funds